Wim Hof

Experiencing Enoughness Through the Power of Your Breath

Want to connect deeper with yourself? Want to experience greater vitality in your life? Want to embrace discomfort and chase your potential? Want to learn how to live a life of enoughness?    In this episode of Bio-hacking Bestie, I’m joined by Wim Hof, or the “The Iceman”. He is known for breaking a number of records related to cold exposure. His feats include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle on his bare feet, and standing in a container while covered with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes.   


You may think Wims accomplishments are super unrelatable. He’s doing unbelievable things but how can you ever relate? What could he teach you?   


Wim’s practices can be done by anyone. Maybe you won’t go climb Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, but his practices will help increase your immunity and strength, allow you to cultivate a more stable mind, tap into your true self, and ultimately live a life of enoughness. So get ready to learn some actionable practices you can apply to your life now.   


Happy Listening!   

What we discuss:

[3:00] – Climbing on Kilimanjaro.

[4:00] – You need to adapt, acclimatize.

[5:50] – Breathing more than you feel you need

[6:06] – The power of ten deep breaths

[8:00] – How to quickly improve your mental and physical health.

[10:00] – The power behind breathing techniques.

[10:20] – How to evoke courage in people

[12:00] – How to transform into yourself true self 1

[3:10] – How to evoke your alertness.

[13:40] – How to control your mood

[14:10] – How breathing brings vital energy

[17:10] – Virus and bacterias that are emotional.

[18:15] – Activating your endocrine system and feel-good hormones.

[19:15] – Through breathing, you understand life itself. 21:00 – When do you know enough is enough?

[23:00] – Getting out of your comfort zone.

[24:40] – How to strengthen your immune system

[27:38] – How to breathe

[27:47] – Cold showers!  31:15 – Living in your optimized physiology

[32:00] – Two things Wim recommends we do 

[33:00] – Wim’s diet recommendation