The Curious Case of

Benjamin Button

Aggie's Biohacking Queens

Getting older is the new black. Aging is optional.

Anti Aging Challenge begins on March 6th. Secure your spot now!



You have FOGO (Fear of Getting Old)

Noticed first wrinkles on your face that freaked you out

Started seeing saggy skin and fine lines

Have less energy

Noticed it's harder to get into shape

Feel ‘old’ - heavy, stressed and energetically drained.

None of the above, but want to prevent aging in the first place (well done you!)

Crows feet around the eyes

‘Tired face’

Noticed first gray hair


Learn how to *naturally* reverse your wrinkles

Start glowing like you're after a month of vacation

Reverse your biological age (yes, it’s a thing and you can test it!)

Strangers will start asking you for your ID

Know foods that activate the ‘skinny genes’ in your body and help with your biological clock

Change your workout routine to do exercises that support youthfulness and avoid the ones that accelerate aging (yes, there are out there!)

How to naturally boosts your stem cells

Which supplements you can take to reverse your biological age

Lifestyle changes that costs nothing but will make you feel and look younger*


Tell me, have you ever:

Felt like society expects us to look, be and appear a way that is unattainable?

Looked in the mirror and thought ‘hey, I’m noticing changes I wish I had more control over?

Seen someone looking and being their best, aesthetically and health-wise for their age and thought it’s just their ‘good genetics?’

Wished for that bouncy tight skin and glow we get when we’re on a Summer vacation?

If you answered yes to any or most of these – you’re really not alone! I, and so many women like me, feel the same. And I’m not one to sit back and ‘accept’ what society tells us is ‘just the way it is’ or ‘just the way our bodies are’! NOPE!!

Being a woman in 2023 is fucked on so many levels.

From one hand, we are bombarded with fitness advice that is actually accelerating premature aging and weight gain.

From the other, we are considered ‘expired’ past the age 40.

Seems unfair? Yeah, because it is. Sadly life isn’t fair so we might as well start using the unfairness to our advantage.

What’s the solution?
Claim your power back!

I’m not telling you to die your hair gray, ditch fancy creams (I mean, most of them don’t really work so maybe it’s not a bad idea) or ask people to refer to you as ‘granny’.

The plan is simple: to look better and hotter just like Brad Pitt does with every passing year. To REVERSE AGING FROM WITHIN. Turn back time. Hell yesss. Just like Benjamin Button.

If you have been considering my previous challenges and the timing wasn’t a fit, THIS is your opportunity to get to understand what biohacking is about and understand the basic principles of what I am all about.

And what am I really about?

I’m at 35 year old woman who says ‘fuck it’ to the fact society tells me I need to ‘act my age’.

I want to play more, travel more, live more.But I also want to have the energy for all my plans.

What bio hocking and independent research says about anti-aging has nothing to do with what the main stream advice tells women to do.

‘Avoid saturated fats’ - sure if you want extra wrinkles.
‘Be a selfless mom’ - without filling your own cup first you deplete yourself of the life force energy, which makes you seem and feel tired and older than you actually are.

7-Day Anti-Aging Challenge

Past our early 20s, women are often seen as dinosaurs, expected to remove any signs of time: wrinkles around the eyes, saggy boobs and first gray hair.

Like you, I feel the heaviness. The immeasurable pressure that society puts on us to have it all, to be it all, and to look hot and sexy whilst doing it.

Enter the revolution of our time:

Biohacking for women.

Biohacking Secrets:‍
I’ve been deep in testing and learning so many ‘biohacking secrets’ that only a few in the field or scientific experts, tend to know about, and it’s led me to develop my latest, intensive, highly focussed challenge to tackle all these stereotypes and more to prove and show how we can reverse our biological age!

Together we will start biohacking our way to:

+ Slow down our aging process: better skin, better bodies, better health.
+ Fight those fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and give ourselves the gift of fit, healthy, young looking skin & tone.
+ Look, feel, and be our best, in mindset, in physical fitness, in diet, in wellness and appearance.
+ Learn from industry experts and break down the scientific solutions to how we can literally age slower!
+ Build a community of some of the first women successfully biohacking their bodies.

If you’ve come into my world recently, you will know that we are building a new era for women as biohackers.

We are taking control of:‍
‍Our biological clocks
Our health
Our fitness
Our scientific knowledge
How we look and feel
Our inner-work and self-love
Our feminine energy
Our relationship with ourselves and with others.
And so much more!

‍In my entire experience: in the lime-light, in my biohacking journey, and in my research and quests for knowledge all over the world, I’ve learned that the true secret that no multi-billion dollar company wants women to unlock, is that more power, more life, more youthfulness, more radiance, and more vitality all exist within our ability to embody and manifest those changes from within.

And that’s why I created the Anti-Aging challenge, or - as I like to call it - the Benjamin Button challenge! Except, this time, our story isn’t about some dude who managed to embody the secret of reverse ageing - hell no, it’s the new era of BIOHACKING QUEENS doing it for themselves!

Why should you biohack anyways?

Hear Dave Asprey himself, the Father of Bio hacking on why it’s worth the investment

Debunking Medical Jargon

What are AGE’s? Or Autophagy? Or Glycosaminoglycans?! What does it mean? How does it affect my body? My biology? My aging process?

I’m on a mission to translate complicated medical research into easy to understand challenges!

I want to help women understand the science so they can be equipped with the knowledge and tools to:

+ Get off starvation diets
+ Stop spending 100s of $ on expensive creams (that don’t work!)
+ Or body and skin treatments (that are temporary surface level fixes!)

And instead learn to heal and reverse age from within.

Here is the reality...

Our skin is aging 💔

Our appearance is changing, simply because we’re getting older 👩

Our biological clock is ticking away ⌛

Our ‘wrinkles’ and ‘sagging’ skin is just something we have to accept 💁

I’ve set out to find the experts I trust, and the experts I follow, to bring them onto this challenge, so that YOU can join me on a 7 day, intense anti-aging, health-span and life-span focussed challenge.

There’s a reason I am looking my BEST ever today (at almost 36!), and it’s because I truly care about unlocking the true secrets to our well-being, our health, and of course our glowing radiance, as women.

Over the course of 7 days I will be sharing with you:

Day 1:

Aging as a Self-Fullfilling Prophecy.

Day 2:

What does science say: aging as a disease. Healthspan, lifespan, playspan and lovespan.

Day 3:

The Anti-Aging Diet. What and How to Eat to Look Younger.

Day 4:

Anti-Aging Lifestyle tips and tricks. How to Live to Stop Aging.

Day 5:

Mindset. How an Ageless Queen rolls.

Day 6:

SKIN: How to Reverse Wrinkles, Keep Youthful Skin, Which treatments to do and which ones to avoid.  (Special guest dr Amy Killen – Stem therapy and skin expert)

Day 7:

Supplements & Treatments that reverse aging (surprise special guest)

You will get:

7 daily videos (15-50 mins long each) full of coaching and biohacking knowledge

7 day workout plan designed for anti-aging (in a PDF format).

7 day meal plan designed to reverse aging.

2 hypnotherapies + 2 mediations designed specifically for this challenge to help you tap into the youthfulness within.

Amy Killen, MD

Amy Killen teaches physician training courses, outlining current best practices for using regenerative medicine in aesthetics and sexual optimization. She also teaches about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells, as well as longevity and skin health. She is an expert in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, hormones, sexual health, and more! With Amy, you will look good and feel good!

Vanessa Fitzgerald

Vanessa Fitzgerald teaches her practice, and some health/lifestyle tips to clean up our guts and minds. She specializes in PCOs, thyroid healing, gut health, delayed aging, weight loss, acne, medication detox and more! She will help us to cultivate our best self with natural beauty tips, healthy recipes, clean ingredients, and various tips and tricks to help us reach our goals.

Sam Hollins

Sam is a personal trainer and nutritionist with over 20 years of experience. Despite having a great body and physical health, he realized that he wasn’t truly happy and struggled with addiction for over 20 years.

This led him to explore the connection between physical health and mental well-being. He now believes that true health and happiness come from a holistic approach that includes not just exercise and nutrition but also spirituality and mindset.

Sam will help you create balance and harmony in your life by incorporating the practices and methods he’s learned over the years, including the right forms of exercise, the right food, and positive morning habits. He also incorporates hypnotherapy/NLP, intermittent fasting, and the latest longevity supplements to help you achieve optimal health and longevity.

ALL this will be included in ONE cost for the 7 day challenge of:


Let’s turn those heads from within, let’s slow down our aging from within, let’s attract that abundance from within:

all the work we do together on this challenge will OVERFLOW into that radiance, vitality, and healthiest, youngest versions of ourselves.

If you’ve ever seen a woman who looks INCREDIBLE for her age, and is full of life, attracts what and who she wants, doesn’t seem to have those lines and wrinkles, and you wonder: WHAT is her secret? I can guarantee you, it’s not thousand-dollar surgeries and fancy $300 face-creams. Whether she knows it or not, that woman has probably unlocked the biohacking secrets we tackle head-on in our intensive course – and I’m here to cut through all the capitalist bulls!t – and tell you what I know works!

Let’s claim our power together – I’ll see you on the other side!

Getting older is the new black.

Aging is optional.


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