Are you ready to get


Transform your body inside & out, rock the best shape of your life, have mind-blowing sex, thick hair, and glowing skin!

If you've tried everything and you still:

Carry extra weight you want to leave behind in 2022.
Struggle with acne, dark circles or uneven skin tones.​
Pick your outfit depending how bloated you feel (and you feel bloated a lot!).​
Have hair that’s thin, lifeless, and falling out.
Can’t seem to have life-changing sex and your orgasms aren’t mind-blowing 3hr experiences (or maybe you can’t orgasm at all?!).​
Feel like you’re aging faster than everyone else and it feels awful.
Feel like you gain weight from even looking at food.
Want to get into the best shape of your life in 2023.
Can’t be bothered to try another fad diet, only to yo-yo right back from it. (no thanks!)
Aren’t sure how to pick your skincare and how to read the labels to stop overpaying for creams that don't work.
Don’t eat and exercise according to your cycle.
Feel like your energy levels are worse than your grandma’s (no offense, Granny!)
Feel like your body isn’t listening to you (hint hint: you aren’t listening to your body)

FIT AS F*CK is the only CHALLENGE you’ll ever need…

get the body you feel proud of, sex that blows your mind, and the mindset to match!

What if I told you that after this challenge you will…

Lose weight without starving and overtraining yourself.
Have glowy facetune-perfect skin without the apps!
Get in the best shape of your life.
Start having mind-blowing sex and tantric orgasms you deserve (your relationship will thank us later!).
Get rid of your dark circles like you got rid of your toxic ex (once and for all).
Grow thick and luscious hair, like one from a cheesy shampoo commercial.
Benjamin Button your age (aka start getting younger from inside out).
Get a six pack, buns of steel or whatever fitness goal you’re after.
Lovingly lose unwanted stubborn fat.
Learn to get quality sleep so you don’t spend half of your life in bed all groggy and tired.
Jump out of bed full of energy instead of overdrinking coffee (we love coffee, but we don’t want to need coffee!).
Become light, funny and joyful aka your true self.
Actually feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside.
Start living in alignment with your body by tapping into your intuition.

…all while getting into the best shape of your life??


Okay but how is Fit as F*ck different than other challenges?​

The problem with other challenges or diets is that they are often run by athletes or fitness
experts that already have an amazing metabolism aka they eat anything and still look fit.

That was never the reality for me. When I followed their advice, I looked like this:
Here’s some of the crazy (bs!) advice they preach and made me believe:
All calories are the same and you should count them.
Fat makes you fat.​
Eat your dessert before your meal to lose weight.​
Lifting weights makes you bulky so stick to high intensity exercise.​
Have 5 meals a day to ‘keep your blood sugar up’.​
Snacks are great - always carry nuts and dried fruit with you.​
Make sure you work out at least 6 times a week.​
Avoid salt and coffee.​
It’s ‘vegan’ ‘gluten free’ so it’s healthy.​
You need cardio to lose weight.​
Canola, sunflower oil or margarine is better than butter. 🧈​
All veggies are great for you!​
Switch from white sugar to agave because it is better for you.​
Cut red meat and have lean chicken breast instead (my mouth gets dry as I write this!).​

Okay but how is Fit as F*ck different than other challenges?​

I never did and never will have 4-5 hrs a day to spend at the gym.
I wasn’t born into a super active family and was quite a chubby child aka my ‘genetics are against me’.
I don’t always have access to a private chef or follow some strict recipes.
I want to enjoy my life and don’t want to eat out of a box every day / be on a meal plan. I want to live!

In a way, I’m grateful that I can’t eat fast food and still stay fit.

Because that started my journey of exploration and taught me how to truly listen
to my body. And I’m glad my body isn’t thriving on McDonald's or a 1000 calorie
diet because what a miserable life that would be! Haha. 😛
Now, let’s call out the obvious. Who the funk am I to start a biohacking course?​

I am someone who:​

🏋🏻 Suffered humiliating hair loss in patches at 31.
🧬 Had teenage acne come back with no amount of makeup to cover it. I was embarrassed and had super low self esteem.
👨‍🍳 Went from wearing size 34 to 38 within a few months from eating salad and grilled chicken aka leading a miserable life.
😋 Was forever bloated. In other words: I was feeling like I’m young and ‘in my prime’ and it’s the time to look hot my bikini but I was awkwardly playing twister covering my belly with my arms and hand bag when sitting down.
Now for those of you who need some validation or trust someone more because of a piece of paper, I’m a recent graduate from National Academy of Sports Medicine and I am a certified nutritionist.

But it’s not the knowledge acquired in the course that makes the information in this course valuable.

What makes this challenge invaluable is my access to the best experts on the planet that help me (and you!) navigate through the overwhelm of misinformation.

These experts work with the top performing individuals on the planet: Barack Obama, The Rock, Jake Paul - you name it. And they joined Fit as Fuck to help you get in the best form of your life.
21 videos of biohacking science + expert interviews. $500 Value​
21 workouts to get you moving. $800 Value
21 recipes to get you started. $300 Value
Private community to help keep you accountable. PRICELESS​
2 calls to get you started. PRICELESS​
PDFs and Homework to support your learning. PRICELESS​

Total Value: $1,600


$399 for 21 Day Challenge

Jim Kwik

Teaching Better Memory and Brain

Jim went from a childhood head injury at the age of 5 and struggling in school to now coaching Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Aoki, and many more.
For 25 Years he’s helped CEO’s, executives, celebrities, and athletes unleash their super brains! Improving memory, speed reading, and decision making skills. He even got the chance to coach the cast of “The X-Men”. It’s safe to say Jim is a world-renowned expert. Someone who deeply understands the brain and how it works. But in case you aren’t sold yet on his genius, Jim is a NYT bestselling author of Limitless, Speed Reading, and Memory Trainer.

Layla Martin

Teaching Tantric Sex

Layla is helping women around the globe experience ridiculous amounts of pleasure, love,
intimacy, and passion in the bedroom. AKA: MIND BLOWING SEX.
Women’s Health Magazine calls her “The Headmistress of Pleasure” and Cosmopolitan calls her
the “Sexpert Extraordinaire.” The praise doesn’t stop there for Layla though!
Glamour, The Times, and The Huffington Post all believe she is an absolute genius when it comes to massively improving your sex life. Layla has spent an entire decade learning about sex and spirituality! Studying at Stanford and in Asia. She’ll be joining us to share with you how to upgrade your love life and sex life ASAP! It’s time for you to experience the epic and delicious sex you were born for!

Jessie Ischatape

Teaching Aging and Losing Weight

Jessie has helped over a million people dramatically improve their health without going on strict diets and giving up the foods you love. She focuses on the cutting edge science knowledge that can easily be broken down to the average person to improve their physical and mental health. Her book Glucose revolution has been translated into 42 languages!

Jessie is an international bestselling author, biochemist, and creator of the wildly popular instagram account @gluecosegoodess. She’s an absolute epic human being and it doesn’t stop there for her. She’s been featured amongst the wildly popular media outlets Vogue, Daily Mail, Vanity Fair, New York Post, and so much more! Jessie also holds a science degree in mathematics from King's College London, and a master of science degree in biochemistry from Georgetown University..

Emily Fletcher

Teaching Meditation

Emily is the founder of a company called Ziva and her goal is to help you heal your past so you can create your future. Reducing the stress, the overwhelm, anxiety, and crappy sleeping patterns.
She wants you to play big and have a ton of fun while doing so! USA Today bestseller “Stress Less, Accomplish More.” Was written by Emily! Emily will help you get good at life, not just mediation. 40,000+ Ziva Graduates, 50,000 books sold worldwide, and Ziva is in 111+ countries worldwide.