Hi, my Love, I’m Aggie and I’m the creator of Higher Self Academy.

The Higher Self Academy was designed to close the gap between where you are right now and where you know you deserve to be. Whether it’s getting you into the best shape of your life or getting to the root of what is blocking you to finally stop struggling and start living – you’re in the right place. Check out our Bio-hacking Bestie series on Youtube, our podcast or our courses.

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Aggie, your Bio-hacking Bestie.

Aggie has been one of the first women to enter the
bio-hacking space and continues to share the latest science on nutrition, weight loss, longevity and fitness with women around the world that are sick and tired of the diet culture. Aggie makes it fun and easy for women not only get into the best shape of their life, but most importantly return to love their bodies and themselves.


I'm on a mission..

to build an online home for all badass women who are done living small, are committed AF to their growth and their Higher Selves and are ready to call in all that delicious abundance into their life, but they just don’t want to do it alone (and now they don’t have to!). Whether it’s an epic body, finding a purpose or making friends with money, Aggie is here for you every step of the way.

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Step Into The Greatest Version of Yourself


7 or 14 day long email challenges built to kick start your journey into the area you need!


comprehensive video courses with detailed framework and methods to create the life you want.


Explore our powerful community “Queens Circle” where we meet weekly on live calls all about stepping into your power and getting in the best form of your life.


Listen to the Higher Self Academy podcast and get weekly tips and tricks on how create a beautiful life.


Explore our informative and transformational blog posts that’ll help you begin to implement important ways of thinking in your life.


Mama, it’s time.


Best gift I've given myself

The FAF journey was completely life changing. My energy levels are top and I am much more relaxed having followed the biohacking tips. The way the course is organized into categories was my favourite part, each category a pillar for a healthy wealthy lifestyle. It unveiled new paths of interest for me as well. I never before dove so deep into the subject of the connection between gut and brain. More than that, the course combines teachings about physical health with workouts and mental, sexual and spiritual wellbeing as well. It touches all levels of being. I am deeply grateful for the teachers in this course and Aggie for teaching and putting it all together. A highly valuable course and I am so happy I invested in myself by attending it!

Diana Pop Romania


When I bought the course that’s not what I expected at all😍 Most days my mind was blown with everything I didn’t yet know and everything I need to learn in order to have the body I deserve and need to live the life of my dreams. The hacks were life changing and the spiritual interviews made me almost cry with all the wisdom. Actually my sister and my mum also watched some of the videos with me and also loved them. I want to thank you Aggie and your team- keep doing what you do and make women thrive.❤️

Jasna Kumer Slovenia

Incredibly informative course

It has most certainly been the best investment I’ve done like ever 🙂 Will impact my life and the lives if my loved ones. I’ve learnt so much and have already introduced some small but meaningful changes So now I just can’t wait for the rest of my life to begin:) thanks a lot Aggie

Katarzyna Poland


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Where women come to get unstuck, unleash their radical greatness, and step into the highest version of themselves.