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Peter Crone

The Mind Architect on What Our Feelings Are Trying to Tell Us

In this episode of Bio-hacking Bestie I’m joined by my good friend, Peter Crone, who is best know as the Mind Architect. He is an expert in redesigning the subconscious mind that drives our behavior to inspire us to live in a new way– free from limitation and stress and full of freedom and joy. He’s also a life-changing author, speaker and thought leader in human potential who works with world-class entertainers, professional athletes, and global organizations.

Wim Hof

Experiencing Enoughness Through the Power of Your Breath

Want to connect deeper with yourself? Want to experience greater vitality in your life? Want to embrace discomfort and chase your potential? Want to learn how to live a life of enoughness?    In this episode of Bio-hacking Bestie, I’m joined by Wim Hof, or the “The Iceman”. He is known for breaking a number of records related to cold exposure. His feats include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle on his bare feet, and standing in a container while covered with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes.   

Jim Kwik

Enough of Not Doing What's Important to You

Why do we prioritize everything else except the things that are most important to us? We make our to-do list filled of things for other people more important than our own dreams, aspirations, and goals. Thankful, Jim Kwik has a simple formula for us to follow that will ensure we no longer push aside what’s most important to us. Jim is the number one brain coach in the world, as well as the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal best-selling book and New York Times best-selling book, Limitless.

Vishen Lakhiani

Tools for Becoming Unfuckwithable

In this episode of Bio-hacking Bestie, I speak with Vishen Lakhiani on how to become unfuckwithable. I know, I know, what does that even mean? It means you are fully in charge of the way you feel and not living your life at the mercy of the people or things around you. This is the exact opposite of how many of us live, but Vishen is about to give us the tools and practices we need to successfully start living a life where we are unfuckwithable. 

Aaron Alexander

Taking Responsibility for Your Relationships

If you’re unhappy with the relationships you have in your life or unhappy with your lack of relationships in your life, it’s time to take a look in the mirror.

In this episode of Bio-hacking Bestie, Aaron Alexander and I chat about why our relationships are actually just a reflection of ourselves. If we want the relationships we attract in our lives to change, we need to take responsibility.

Adam Roa

Navigating Breakups, Building a Solid Relationship, and Being Your Own Happiness

Are you looking for your soul-mate, your other-halves, the one partner that will bring to your life everything you are lacking and longing for? This idea is sold to us as an idealized romantic endeavor that will eventually lead to fulfilling lives and completing our souls. But when a breakup occurs, no one tells us that giving our heart to someone implies that it’s always up to us to put the pieces together. To be able to go through such processes we need to cultivate self-love. In this episode of Bio-hacking Bestie, guest Adam Roa shares why this old narrative needs to change and how in actuality, healthy relationships take place when each partner has enough self-love to show up for themselves and to be present partners.  

Alison Armstrong

Why Men Won't Listen, Can't Commit, and Make You Chase Them (+ What You Can Do!)

Tired of your man never listening to what you have to say? Tired of him never doing what you ask? Or, are your fed-up that he’s unable to commit and is making you chase him? My guest, Alison Armstrong, is here to tell you why he acts the way he acts and what you can do to push through his male programming to get what you want from him. 

Marie Forleo

Recognizing Your Intuition, I Can't vs. I Won't, and Do Your Dreams Have to Be Big?

This isn’t your typical podcast episode with Marie Forleo. Yes, she’s the expert on everything being figureoutable, but she’s also an expert on so much more! In this episode, we have a deep conversation on recognizing our intuition and knowing when to follow it, the difference between “I can’t” and “I won’t”, and why not having big goals isn’t something to feel bad about.

Glennon Doyle

Enough of Being a Tamed Woman

In this episode of Bio-hacking Bestie, I’m joined by the amazing Glennon Doyle where we dive into the raw, vulnerable, authentic, uncensored, and life-changing words she shares in her newest book, Untamed. We chat about how we need to quit abandoning ourselves and instead abandon the world’s expectations of us, how we need to quit being good so we can be free, and how we need to start allowing ourselves to actually feel our feelings.