Jim Kwik

Enough of Not Doing What's Important to You

Why do we prioritize everything else except the things that are most important to us? We make our to-do list filled of things for other people more important than our own dreams, aspirations, and goals. Thankful, Jim Kwik has a simple formula for us to follow that will ensure we no longer push aside what’s most important to us. Jim is the number one brain coach in the world, as well as the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal best-selling book and New York Times best-selling book, Limitless. 


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What we discuss:

02:40 – How do you become limitless in the limited world?

03:25 – The metaphor and symbol of a butterfly

04:20 – Life is C: between B and D

05:40 – People are social, but distancing themselves

06:00 – The Five C’s to prioritizing what’s important to you

09:50 – Algorithm of your mind.

11:00 – Psycho-neuro immunology.

16:00 – The importance of creativity.

17:30 – What are Quick-starts?

18:00 – 4 stages of becoming a superhero.

19:00 – During the plague, creativity exploded

19:50 – What did you always wanted to learn?

21:00 – Schools teach what to learn but not how.

21:20 – Everyone deserves an exceptional life.

22:22 – Shelf-help vs Self-help

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