Hi, my Love, I’m Aggie and I’m the creator of Higher Self Academy.

The Higher Self Academy was designed to close the gap between where you are right now and where you know you deserve to be. Whether it’s getting you into the best shape of your life or getting to the root of what is blocking you to finally stop struggling and start living – you’re in the right place. Check out our Bio-hacking Bestie series on Youtube, our podcast or our courses.

You can be all “Zen” AND still living in a beautiful mansion with a pool.

Higher Self Academy was designed to uncover the highest, most beautiful version of you and your life from underneath the self-imposed guilt, self-sabotage, expectation of others and endless responsibilities that’s keeping you stressed, overwhelmed and confused about what you really want in life. We’re here to close the gap between where you are right now and where you know you deserve to be.


I'm on a mission..

to build an online home for all badass women who are done living small, are committed AF to their growth and their Higher Selves and are ready to call in all that delicious abundance into their life, but they just don’t want to do it alone (and now they don’t have to!). Whether it’s an epic body, finding a purpose or making friends with money, Aggie is here for you every step of the way.


Listen, my life hasn’t been perfect.


I’m growing up in post-communist Poland in a tiny 100-square-foot apartment where my sister and I share a tiny room. I listen to Spice Girls (girl power!) and my parents who lovingly want to prevent me from ‘getting disappointed’ in life. They tell me, “Don’t aim too high, get a ‘real’ job, and follow the crowd.” I already feel like I don’t belong, and my life hasn’t even properly started.


I spend a whole summer working three jobs to save enough money to buy a ticket to Australia so I can study English. I leave 2 very disappointed Polish parents behind. (Being okay with ‘disappointing’ people is crucial for growth, as I learned later in life!) Two weeks into the trip, I barely survive a freak car accident, which leaves me disabled for months in a foreign country without a job.


I spend a year sailing across the Pacific with no phone or laptop, just me and my then-partner. It’s the first time in my life I understand what it means to connect with myself and immediately see how much of myself I lost in the relationship that I was sure I would stay in forever.


After my partner tears apart my passport and tells me I can never leave him, I find a way out of the country with $480 in my pocket (always have a secret stash, ladies!). I buy a one-way ticket to LA and stay on my friend Sandy’s couch for 6 months feeling super sorry for myself, fighting insomnia, smoking weed and going to a local Fresh&Easy after 8p because the produce that’s about to go bad goes on 50% sale.


My American love Michael and I get married so we can stay together and I convince him to travel the world with me. He only left the US twice in his life and doesn’t like traveling or taking photos. I beg him to try. I can’t imagine doing anything else in life. He agrees. Travel in Her Shoes is started.


My Instagram is booming. I go from 280k followers to 900k in 8 months. I make $1 million in first 6 months of selling my photo presets. I buy my parents an apartment. I donate a big chunk of the money to charity. I’m the perfect Aggie. Life is good.


Michael and I decide to get divorced. I pack all my stuff into storage but we fight about money, dogs, house, and cars. I’m devastated and in so much shame about not being so perfect anymore. I self-sabotage everything. It seems like the entire world hates me. Friends unfollow me. And all I really want to do is no longer exist. What I don’t see is that the Universe is serving me the best medicine I could ask for.


I fight deep depression. Suicidal thoughts are real. I’ve spent the last six years sacrificing so much for what I thought would bring me joy: Instagram following, big money, traveling and yet, I feel beyond empty. (That’s what happens when you give away your power and derive your self-worth from external validation.)I suffer from hair loss and put on a lot of weight. I lose most of my money, and go from one toxic relationship to another. Panic attacks are the new norm. A true rock bottom.


I reconnect with that quiet voice in my head I’ve been ignoring and pull myself back together. I do a TEDtalk. I Publish my book. (Wait, me? A book in English? I barely spoke the language not too long ago?!) Instatravel is sold in every bookstore in New York, including every Target and Costco.I interview a lot of smart people for my podcast.Fall in love. Life isn’t perfect but is starting to *feel* good not only seem good.


My first experiences with plant medicine ceremonies rewire my sense of service and purpose. Jay Shetty reaches out and offers me his coaching course as a gift. I make my lifelong dream happen and get to dance on Dancing with the Stars.

I understand that the goal in life is make the most out of both worlds: the spiritual and the ‘psychical’ one. Today, I wanna see other women step into their power because I realize the more women do, the more sisters I have to share this adventure called life with.