Alison Armstrong

Why Men Won't Listen, Can't Commit, and Make You Chase Them (+ What You Can Do!)

Tired of your man never listening to what you have to say? Tired of him never doing what you ask? Or, are your fed-up that he’s unable to commit and is making you chase him? My guest, Alison Armstrong, is here to tell you why he acts the way he acts and what you can do to push through his male programming to get what you want from him.  

Alison is the author of The Queen’s Code, Keys to the Kingdom, and Making sense of Men. When it comes to relationships, she believes that until we understand the real differences in what compels our behavior, especially under stress, we’ll keep bringing out the worst in each other.

In this conversation, Alison unravels the differences between men’s and women’s behaviors and how we are able to bring out our best selves in our relationships as well as help bring out the best in our partner. Plus, it will help minimize the distance, the frustration, and the lack of communication. Happy listening!